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Missing Gator Web Quest

Missing Gator of Gumbo Limbo Web Quest!

Part 1:
Welcome to the Missing Gator of Gumbo Limbo Web Quest!  First, read about the books author Jean Craighead George  When you have completed reading about the author, complete an Author Trading Card using the Trading Card App on your iPad
when your Trading Card is complete, email the card to your Google Drive.  


Part 2:  Join us on a trip through the everglades.  First, read the MyON book Composting   and take the AR Quiz.
When you have completed the story book continue your journey  Remember to use your note sheet to find information on this amazing ecosystem.  
Your not done yet!  Explore the everglades with National Geographic  Turn in your completed notes sheet for 50 points. 
Part 3: Group Project- This project will require you to work with a group.  Each member of the group will have an activity to complete.  All group members will then use all of the individual activities to create a news cast of the Everglades Ecosystem in explain everything:  Good Luck!

Ecologist- Choose an animal from the Everglades and create your own Trading Card about your animal on the Trading Card App.

Scientist- Create a food web for the everglades ecosystem using Popplet at
Journalist- Write a 4 slide Keynote Presentation about the everglades- all slides must contain at least one paragraph. 
Advertiser- Create a poster using Pages to encourage people to "Save the Everglades"  your poster must be full color and convince your audience that the Everglades need to be protected!
Project Manager- The project manager keeps all members on task and helps each member of the group complete their project.  The project manager is in charge of putting the news cast script together and having the team ready to video tape!